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Painting Paper

I did a post a little while back about painting on wood and how much I love it. Well something else I love to paint on is paper.  More specifically to create hand painted paper. And over the years I have painted a lot of paper! This is something I can do in short bursts of time. Between a back and neck issue steming  from an accident two years ago, and this big computer move for Creative Workshops I'm working on, I'm having to make short bursts of time be my friend and work for me.

So here are a few projects I've been working on for the past couple weeks, off and on. They all involve my hand painted papers.

The paper I covered this bottle with was deli paper done in pattern of oranges and pinks and aqua. When it started. lol Then it became one of those projects that no matter what I did to it, I wasn't happy. So I repainted the paper after it was already on the bottle. It's hard to see from the picture that there are some variations of pink in it.


This bottle was covered in painted deli wrap paper also.  I used metallic acrylic inks. I think you can see some of the beautiful shimmer.




The front and back of this hand-bound journal is done in a collage of handpainted papers.



The inside covers are painted watercolor paper.


So do you like to create your own hand-painted papers too?

I hope your weekend is a good one my friends!

xxoo - Gail