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Gelli Plate Play Day


After spending a couple weeks working on the Fabric book in the last post (and sold, thank you so much!) I had the itch to do something for no reason, except to have fun and not do much thinking. I bet you know just what I mean.

I wanted to see colors and layers and blending and be surprised at the outcome. So since it's been a while, I pulled out my Gelli plate. I pulled lots of paints off the shelves, selcted a few stencils from the way to many I own, and lined up a pile of different type papers. I used deli wrap paper, sheet music, cardstock, ledger paper and text book paper.

I tried to not think about color combinations and just reach for colors that spoke to me in that moment. I told my inner critic to take a hike, gave myself permission to do whatever I felt like,  and started to play. I spent two days in this frame of mind.

I find that when I start playing I often use so many layers some papers become a little rough to the touch. So when I am at the point of being fairly satisfied with results, I make a stack of those papers and sand them with a fine grit sandpaper. I love how they feel to my hand when I am done.

I thought I'd share some images with you. I love looking at other's Gelli prints and being inspired by colors and layers. These will all end up at some point in a journal. At this stage, knowing they will end up in a journal, but not what type of journal, I like to leave the backgrounds softer, less pattern. This leaves room for creative growth, whether by me as a journal idea starts to come to life; or so that whoever purchases the finished journal can then add their own creative ideas to the mix.










sheet music


ledger paper


ledger paper


vintage text book page


ledger paper


ledger paper


ledger paper

Don't you think these would all make nice backgrounds in a journal? I do. :)

Happy Monday and I'm wishing all you you a great week. Maybe you'll find some time for play too!

xxoo~ Gail