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Come on Spring!

Do You Have a Split Personality?

I often wonder if I have a split personality and am suffering an identity crises? :)

The name of my business, Shabby Cottage Studio, tends to lead people to the assumption that I am all about this

All fabric journal 2

and this...a soft shabby chic, cottage me


And I am. I have been that shabby cottage kind of woman for many many years.

But then I am all colorful, funky, messy paint, mark making, too


And even when I dip indulgently but deeply into a digital world my split personalities come into play

Her secret garden 72dpi

Grungy background

I started with my business name so many years ago on Ebay and when I left I was afraid to change my name because I had worked hard to begin to establish it. So I carried it with me. I often think maybe I should have gone with my name like so many other artists and then this identity crises would not have followed me through all these years. I don't think I intend to change it at this stage of the game but it does cause me some head games once in a while.

What really brought it home to me was last year at Art Is You when I met Sue Pelletier. I have known Sue online as she hosts a couple of her classes at Creative Workshops. We had a good long laugh when I walked up to her and finally introduced myself in real life and she yelled out, No that can't be!!! You're short and wear a lacy apron!!!

Actually I'm 5'10" tall, mostly legs, and wear a very messy black paint apron that I call my abstract painting. :)

So you see? Sometimes I'm really not sure who I am.

How about you? Do you have these kind of issues?

No matter who you are I'm wishing all of you a fabulous weekend! :)