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My Personal Journal

My personal journal1

A few posts back I talked about leveraging my artwork. I showed samples of digital designs printed on fabric and used to cover composition notebooks.

I thought I would share with you the one I created for my own personal use. Now I am not a visual journaler, but I have always kept a journal to scribble down ideas and thoughts, and often little rough sketches to support these ideas and thoughts.

If you click on my Free Printables tab above you will see this image...

Tropic bright 5x7

It's a favorite of mine and I decided it was what I wanted to use on fabric for my new journal.

My personal journal2

I did a very simple fabric collage on the cover because I really didn't want to hide the fabric design. I printed the roses image on fabric, added the striped fabric and layered them together with some messy stiching (which I simply LOVE doing), plus I added the same kind of stitching around the edges of the cover. The frame with Seek Joy is a transparency I already had so I added that too because, again, it didn't hide the fabric below.  I then covered the back and added a tie with the same striped fabric I used under the roses. And called it done.

My personal journal3

My personal journal1

I am very happy with the results and I'malready starting to fill this journal with ideas, sketches, words, sayings and thoughts. It doesn't really matter if I get to them all, at least they have a place to reside if I need them.

Happy Friday to one and all. I hope you have a happy creative weekend ahead!

xxoo~ Gail