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Tissue Paper Stamping

While I seem to own quite a number of stamps (I know real stampers would scoff at what I consider "quite a number" lol) I'm really not a "stamper". I own very few stamp pads, mostly blacks and browns, and I also abuse my stamps with paint. I have a tendancy to either use them for mark making or embellish pages in journals I create.


And when I do stamp, I'm not very good at it. As you can see in this picture I usually have extra marks, either from the edges of the stamps or messy fingers I didn't catch until to late.


While I am continually practising to not be a perfectionist and do my best to go with the flow of things, it does still bother me if I mess up a stamp on a journal page because I sell my journals for others to use.

So the other day here is what I did... because I was looking to play, but also I wanted build up some stash, rather than waiting til the moment I decide I want to use a stamp, and have to stop and pull everything out. :)

I laid down some freezer paper, shiny side up and taped it to my work table.


Then I laid down some white tissue paper.


Hard to tell with all the white going on. :)

Then I pulled out stamp pads and some of my favorite stamps.


And simply proceeded to stamp all over the tissue paper.


Until I had several sheets covered in a variety of stamping.



The thing about tissue paper is when you glue it down to paper or fabric, the paper  has a tendancy to melt into the background so all you mostly see is the stamp. I do not cut my edges, I tear them as that makes the edges softer and more likely to "fade".  Also if my background has color on it all I need do is add a wash of color over the tissue paper to help it do it's melting trick.

This little trick also allows me to not worry about those extaneous marks I don't want, because if I have to,  I can just stamp on the tissue paper until I have a clean image.

Probably most folks know this but maybe someone will find this little trick helpful.

I also had the opportunity to do some digital work and here is a piece I am pleased with, called Her Secret Garden.


Tomorrow marks one week of having cataract surgery on my right eye. I keep saying that I knew how dark my world had become but simply not HOW dark. The difference is transformative and brilliant! Now I can't wait to get the left eye done because this transition of having one eye sharp and one blurry and not being able to wear my glasses tires me out. But I'm excited and looking forward to hopefully having my world back within the next couple months.

Wishing all of you a fabulous week! Spring IS on it's way!

xxoo ~ Gail