Beauty and the Nest
Beauty and the Bird

Trust the Process

This is a lesson I keep learning.

Sometimes I feel like I shall never forget it again. Yet other times I'm like...huh? In the beginning this painting kicked my butt. I hemmed and hawed, I was wishy washy, I started to second guess myself. But something told me not to fold to keep going. To trust the process.

I have been painting and creating for over twenty years. You would think I wouldn't do this. But I keep learning all of it is also part of the process. So I just want to say to anyone who needs to hear it...don't give up, keep working at it, everything you learn, the successes and the failures are all part of the creative process, and we are absorbing it all whether we realize it or not.

This is Tea and Roses 15"x5"x.75" A mixed media collage/painting. Acrylic paint/ink and lots of texture.

Tea and roses

Tea and roses2

Tea and roses3

It's has turned rainy here in the mountains. I don't mind. It's nto cold or snowing. :)

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend. May is rumbling past like a bullet train.

xxoo ~ Gail