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Gelli Print Blog Hop and GiveAways for You!

The giveaway is now closed. I am contacting the winners, Libbi, Susan and Linda on the Prairie. Thank you for all the wonderful and kind comments and for stopping by!


I posted last week that I am part of a week long blog hop. Well today is my day! :)

I thought I would do a bit of a tutorial for those not familar with the Gelli Arts Gelli plate. There are scads of video tutorials and written tutorials (Google/Pinterest away my friends) so I am just showing how I got started and then what I did with my prints.

As with any Gelli tutorial this post is image heavy so grab a beverage and scroll away.

12in x 14in Gelli™ Printing Plate

The Gel Printing Plate can be found at the Gelli Arts site. It comes in multiple sizes and they even have a round plate now. I am unabashedly guilty of having all the sizes but the round. :)

1 gelli plate

I decided I wanted to work with my large 12x14 plate. Notice that mine is not clean.  That is dried paint from a previous play day. I am of the "I rarely clean my plate" camp. I like the surprise I often receive when a print pulls up the old paint. I believe art should often surprise you. I pulled out various paint colors and brands to have close at hand.


I pulled out my trusty brayer, some vintage book paper, and some deli paper, to use to roll off excess paint from my brayer. I use those clean up sheets in my work also.


I decided now was a good time to use up some not so favorite scrapbook papers hanging around (we all have them right?) to use to pull my prints.

4 stencils

Dug through the stencils and mark making tools for some of my favs.

5 add paint

Now I'm ready for the fun! Start with some dabs of paint and use the brayer to spread them out on the plate.


Here you see the plate with the paint rolled out and a chevron stencil laid on top.


Here is the first paper I chose to use.


It's like building a sandwich with the stencil between the plate and the paper. I lay the paper face down and use my hand or my brayer to rub the paper well so the paper will pick up the paint from the Gelli plate.

9 printed

Here is the result. Already this paper is looking better. For some reason I happened to choose a paint color similar to a color in the paper but I don't normally do that.

10 ghost print

Once you pull the first print you usually have paint left on the plate and you can pull a second sheet, and get what is known as a ghost print. Those are usually my favorite...again it goes back to the surprise awaiting me.


Here you can see what the second sheet picked up. The rest of the paint on the plate is already dry. I leave it. Remember...the I rarely clean camp. :)


You aren't limited to one color.


Sometimes when using several colors and then brayer-ing it together to mix, you are left with "hard" color spots that I don't always like. So depending on my mood sometimes I use my brayer in a circular scrub motion and  mix the paints together a bit. I'm not going for one color, but a blend.


Mixed and then brayered. Makes me think of a Dreamsicle!


This time I layered several stencils on the plate and then placed my paper on top of them.


And here, when I used this paper see how it not only pulled up the dreamsicle color but also pulled up the dry turquoise color that was on my plate when we started.Very often pulling the print will clean your plate.




See all those luscious layers. You can layer as much or as little as you like. If you have papers you don't like...simply keep layering til you have something you do like!


Anyway I kept on in the same manner, layering my papers, pulling prints and those lovely ghost prints.


I even tried my hand at doodling and stamping on one. I was like "meh". (I am not a doodler). But I usually do both sides of my papers so I know what's on the other side and plan on using that side. :)


Since I usually make journals with my papers I wanted to do something different this time. I got this envelope punch board a while back with the thought of Gelli envelopes but hadn't used it yet. So now is the time! You don't need the punch board, there are plenty of envelope templates free online to download. I am lazy. And this tells me what size to cut my paper for the size envelope I create. Did I say I'm lazy?


I started cutting the sizes I needed for my envelope with my handy dandy paper trimmer. I went with a a 4.25" x 5.25 " envelope.



Once they were cut I followed the easy instructions and soon had a growing pile of envelopes.






And if you have envelopes you have to have something to put in them. So I took my left overs and cut strips for cards.


I got out some fun text stamps and went to town. For this set of cards I even pulled out the decorative scissors and took a "bite" out of one corner. Ok, ok...I had a little  screwup to fix and that's how this set came about. ;)


I went about using the the same paper I used for the envelopes for the card strips so they would co-ordinate. I happened to have a set of blank cards that have been sitting around for a long time so this was a great way to use them up. But you could make cards from cardstock.



This is Set 1.


Set 2.


Set 3.

So that's it. Had a lot of fun, and created something pretty AND useful. A good art day in my opinion. I hope I showed you something you enjoyed.

Oh and remember that doodling print that made me say "meh".


Well when you use that side as the inside of your envelope it totally takes on a different look and I loved it! Which is the glory of the Gelli! When you start cutting these up you can be in for some of those good art surprises!

So I'm giving these three sets away to 3 different people. Leave a comment on this post (and only this post) and I'll draw names next Tuesday 10/28.

I also hope you've had a chance to visit the other participants. Tomorrow is the last day of the hop. I will put the list of players here We are all members of  Gelatin Printing Enthusiasts Facebook Group.

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