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June 10, 2016


I always tell people right up front, I am not a gardener. Yes I plant flowers. But then I can only "hope" they grow the way they are supposed to.  My favorite flowers are multi petaled flowers. Peonies, hydrangeas and roses are at the top of that list. Over the years in this house I have used my hope method of planting all three of these flowers throughout the yard. For the most part this has seemed to work out.

But or some really strange reason I could not figure out, my hydrangeas stopped blooming the past two years. I was so, so sad. 

But this year they are starting to bloom again!

Hydrangeas1 june2016

Hydrangeas2 june2016

Hydrangeas4 june2016

Hydrangeas3 june2016

And I think I figured out why. I've never really trimmed my hydrangea bushes in the Spring. Once they bloom I will go out and cut out the dead branches in the summer simply because they look messy. Since I know I'm not very good at gardening the past two years I was determined to do more for my flowers. This year I have been busy enough that I have fallen back into my non-trimming of the hydrangea bushes. I think I got to rambunctious in my desire to "do better" and was pruning the wrong part of the hydrangea bushes! 

So in not doing much for the flowers I was actually doing myself a favor and enjoying beautiful blooms throughout the summer. So much for me and gardening! 

Here in our valley the weather the past two days has been pure perfection. With 73 degrees, soft breezes, no humidity and a pure cyan blue sky I have been putting out a lot of  pure gratitude vibrations, I know these days are fleeting and to be enjoyed in the moment while I can. And so it is.

I hope your weather is as beautiful. Happy weekend one an all!

Sweet Southern Smoochies ~ Gail xxoo