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August 9, 2016

I Did It!

Yes I am proud to announce my new jewelry website is now live!  I hope you'll come visit and keep me in mind when you are looking for romantic jewelry for yourself or as gifts. I understand from some Facebook groups I am in that people are already buying Christmas gifts!  Hard to believe in the heat of August, but hey, I like folks who are organized so more power to them!

As with any website there are always tweaks and growth so that's my plan. Like I said I would love for you to visit. You can find me here

Etsy text banner 2000x500

I have lots of new designs and check out my hair adornments! 

I also actually created a new design for my digital shop! It is an 8x10 printable motivational quote you can print (or have printed) and frame. This would be lovely in many rooms, framed, sitting on a shelf or hanging on a wall.

Be Joyful thumbnail

It has been a busy, hot summer and now that the website it done I hope to get myself back on a regular schedule with everything. Fingers crossed. :)

I hope you are enjoying your August. Not long to Fall!

Sweet Southern Smoochies ~ Gail ~ xxoo