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Waffling with the Struggle

If you are still following my blog you may have noticed something that has been going on for some time now. I don't post as often as I used to. And it has been a struggle deciding in what direction I want to go. 

I have been blogging and sharing my creative life since 2006.  When my creative world blurred and tilted and I found myself creating jewelry I wondered how it would fit in with my blog. I started to doubt and second guess my blog content.

Although designing jewelry has simply been a metamorphosis of the creative muse I started wondering whether my followers and visitors would even be interested in anything I had to say about where I was headed. And so I have been waffling.

Today all you hear about in the virtual business world is that it is all about content and sharing content your readers and market would be interested in. I am no expert in jewelry, I am still a babe in the woods when it comes to learning skills and techniques. So I keep asking myself, aside from sharing new jewelry I have created, what else do I have to offer any more? After all who wants to visit a blog that is only about that?

I am not ready to throw in the towel yet but I felt I needed to let my readers know why my blog has slowed down in regular postings. For now I will continue to share my jewelry as I wrestle with this dilemma and will see what evolves.

A most wonderful thing did happen to me this summer. I got invited to submit some jewelry pieces to Stampington's magazine Jewelry Affaire. It lands on news stands Oct. 1 and I have 3 enameled pieces in this beautiful magazine along with some other amazing jewelry designers! I got my complimentary issue early and want to share with you. I am proud of this small accomplishment for a newbie.

Jewelry affair spread 1

Jewelry affair spread 2

I've also created some lovely leather bracelets that take leather to its feminine and romantic side with embossing, hand painted pastels and rhinestones. These make perfect gifts! And you know Christmas is coming sooner than you think. :)

4 pastel leather bracelets 1

That's it for now lovelies! Ta!

Sweet Southern Smoochies ~ Gail xxoo