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October 18, 2016

My Photo Setup

Hello my friends! Getting good photos for selling online (or a blog or any website) is not always an easy task. If you are selling online good photos are imperative! I can not even begin to talk about all the bad photos I have seen on the internet, and I know you see them too.

It is difficult to sell a product when photos are dark, yellow, poorly staged, over busy backgrounds, on and on. Photos are the first thing a potential customer sees. If that photo does not do its job, and do it well, that potential customer is going to scroll right on by. And I mean fast.

My photos have come a long way, and I feel still have a ways to go to satisfy my own vision, but at this stage I am very happy with my photos. But it took me getting off my lazy butt and doing something about it.

My solution has been in front of me for years but I didn't want to deal with it. 

This old house has a back porch that we used as a dumping station. Anything we weren't' sure what to do with got stacked on the back porch. And it actually still does but since I've turned the porch into my "photo studio" ;) it is nowhere near the degree it used to be.

This porch is loaded with windows. But it is not insulated so cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

But when I switched to jewelry and hoped to  make it a successful business I knew I had to just get out there and un-junk the place. The porch is long and narrow but I figured I could make it work.

Photo setup

I found this old cart in the basement and bit into the budget to purchase the backdrop. Hubby helped me hang it. The cart holds photo props between shoots.

Porch set up2

Here is the long view and you can see the bank of windows that give me such great natural light. And I think you can see how narrow it is too. Another dip into the budget and I bought a cable that connects to my camera that will focus and shoot without me touching the camera. Not expensive and one of the two best investments I've made this year!

Porch set up

The BEST investment I have made for my photos is a prime 50 mm 1.8 lens. What that means is the lens is fast, and works well even in low light and it is not a zoom soI have to actually move me and the camera close or far depending on what I am after. I thought I would need another lens but so far this lens has not let me down and is the only one I use for my product photos.

Porch set up3

Here is a tiny sample of the results

Bird and leaf chain necklace 3a

Flower garden pendant necklace3 (1)

On the worktable 1

Burgundy and cream comb 1

You can find my work at my online store Shabby Cottage Adorned

and in my Etsy store of the same name Shabby Cottage Adorned

If you are looking for gifts I have some beautiful jewelry to look at!

Sending thoughts of peace and love and

Sweet Southern Smoochies ~ Gail xxoo