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November 13, 2016

A Little Housekeeping

If you have noticed anything a little different about my blog, it's just me doing a little streamlining, a little cleaning and removal of dust bunnies (although not the adorable bunny near the top of my sidebar --->).  

Here is something I have learned about jewelry...well actually any online really need to think ahead. You have to consider the seasons in advance. For example, even though we have about a week and a half before Thanksgiving, and about 5 weeks for Christmas, I should really be getting ready to work on jewelry for Valentines Day and the Spring season. Sounds crazy huh?! Oh and if anyone sells anything related to the wedding industry, you better have your products in your store by mid-January. 

Of course I am no where near that kind of schedule, so I suppose I should get off this computer, pull out my design journal, and get cracking!

Before I go I thought it might be fun to share something with you. This is some of my private mood board I keep on Pinterest. It is private because I just pin willy nilly...images that attract my eye and my heart. Yet when I scroll through it I start to see the pattern.




Crystal and crown necklace 9

This rustic prism necklace is a new design I listed in my Etsy store this week. I think it is a lovely and romantic piece of statement jewelry.

You will find romantic and vintage inspired jewelry and hair ornaments in both my stores.

Shabby Cottage Adorned - Website

Shabby Cottage Adorned - Etsy Shop

Wishing all of you a lovely week to come.

Remember this...hate and fear mongering affects us all. And most of us want the same thing, to love and be loved, to keep our family safe and fed, to be able to pay our bills without constant worry, to keep a dry roof above our head, to have good health and afford good healthcare when we don't.

Love and peace

xxoo ~ Gail