Merry Christmas One and All!

Life's Little Curveballs


Happy New Year everyone! I hope your New Years Eve was safe and fun, or quiet and peaceful, however you choose to celebrate the passing of the old and the beginning of the new. Once upon a time we celebrated with dressing up, drinking and dancing to bring in the brand new year. But we have been part of the quiet and peaceful group for more years than I can remember now. :)

For a number of years now I have been choosing a word, rather than a resolution, for my year. Last year I chose Growth. And my goodness but it was a  year for that. I worked long and hard to grow my business and grow it I did. I am not where I eventually want to be, but I don't look for that goal for a few years more. I still have a lot to learn. But I am very happy with what I accomplished. So while there was much turmoil in the "outer" world, my "inner" world did a-ok.

This year my chosen word is Balance. It was not on my list of words until a few weeks ago, but now I believe it will be a word I need in the coming year ( and maybe add an extra word...  patience).

Balancing act

A few weeks ago my sweet 84-year-old mother was diagnosed with mild dementia. Our little family reeled in shock. I have come to find out that a lot of us think certain small signs in the elderly are simply the result of aging, but sometimes they are way more than that.

Her needs right now are that she not be alone at night. So my sister and I are in the midst of changing her world to acclimate her into ours. I am blessed to not be alone in this and have a sister ten minutes down the road. And we are both blessed to have husbands who are supportive in what we are doing. 

Mom lives next door and so we are changing our home around to give her our bedroom during the weeknight evenings. My sister works full time so she will have mom on the weekends. Until mom needs to not live alone any longer, we are praying this will work.

Personality wise mom has become more anxious and needy. Since I am but steps away I have become her crutch. So I will need to find balance this year to be there for her and her needs, to continue to learn and grow my business, and to have as normal a life as we can in these circumstances.

Needless to say, I have added a lot of reading about this illness to my business reading list.

Any of you dealing with this terrible, hateful illness understand perfectly. I would never wish this on anyone.

So I wish that you walk into this year in good health, with your loved ones in good health too. I pray that all of us find 2017 to be a kinder year, filled with more love. And that we all take time to simply be in the moment when we can, as those moments pass all to quickly.

God Bless and Love to you All!

Gail xxoo