Life's Little Curveballs
Designing Jewelry and Enjoying Spring

Hello sweet friends! It really is March already. How DID that happen?! My days are full and some days more full than others, making me feel stretched a little thin (oh if it was only that easy to actually be thin again lol). I was hoping to hire a VA (virtual assistant) to lift a bit of the load and do some social media work for me but after we talked, I discovered I could not afford her at this time. Of course, I chose someone who rocks that world so her prices are a tad higher than others. Anyone remember that old saying "champagne taste and beer budget"? Yep, that's me. Every. Single. Time. :)

So I will continue to juggle everything and hope for the best. 

I am thrilled that my Etsy shop rocked Jan. and Feb. (for a new jewelry store in a crazy world of a bajillion jewelry artists). So I am happy about that busy-ness. When you put yourself out there trepidation always lurks around the corner. And even though I have been putting myself "out there" for over 20 years in different endeavors, you would think I am immune. But I think one is never immune. Anyone old enough to remember Sally Fields award acceptance speech many years ago? 

I just got notice that I am supposed to have TWO pieces of my jewelry in Jewelry Affaire this year! More happiness, more thrill!

I must have a dozen pieces I am editing photos for and need to get listed and probably still that many waiting for me to take photos. For me listing items is extremely time consuming for me. Working in such an oversaturated market as jewelry, finding good SEO (this is what helps you get found online) is a tough row to hoe! And writing descriptions are not my I am slow, slow, slow. Which contributes to my stretched thin feeling and wishing I could hire some kind of help. But I simply keep plugging away and somehow things get done. Just not everything I would like and certainly not fast. lol

We had to make some changes in my mom's care and she is now living with my sister. We are working it out as we move forward in taking care of her.

Now I need to go do something so I can cross another job off my list. :) I leave you with some images of my work.

Bracelet wip

These are some work in progress bracelets and I am trying to figure out what kind of chain I want to add and anything else that might strike the old muse.

A bride hair comb collage

That is one of my hair combs in this wedding photo shoot!

Silver leaves and rhinestones pendant 7

Crown pendant 5

Both of these are of those many pieces yet waiting to be listed.

Beaded solder enamel pendant 2b

Beaded solder enamel pendant 4

This boho beaded statement necklace got listed today!

Cream resin rose red beaded necklace 4

Cream resin rose red beaded necklace 7

And this romantic rose necklace also got listed today! Yay me...two things to cross of my to do list today!

So happy March to one and all! I know that here in Tennessee when March opens the door Spring is not far off. Doors and windows can be flung open wide, heavy coats will be put away for next year, and flowers will begin to bloom.

May your hearts and lives bloom sweetly as well!

Sweet Southern Smoochies ~ Gail xxoo