So How's Your 2018 Goals Coming Along?

Please Come Visit Me in My New Home for Abigail Grace Co

Hello Dear Friends

It has been a while. This year developed into a lot of unexpected loops of life that dragged me away from my business in big chunks of time. I am slowly finding my path again and hoping life will be a bit kinder the rest of this year.

I have also had a "facelift" and rebranded a new business name and am now Abigail Grace Co.

I am somewhat sad after many years to say that I am closing this blog.

But only to move to a new blog home! 

After trying my best to make this work for the new business I realized it just wasn't going to be easy and finally gave in to moving my blog to the online store venue. I  mentioned in a previous post I did not like the Shopify blog set up. But I was finally able to hire someone who could slip behind the scenes and code it to look like this blog! Yay!

So now you can find me blogging over at Abigail Grace Co

I will be sharing more than just about my jewelry designing (although I will continue to share that journey too). I want to share positive and affirming inspiration in many areas of life, art, home, family, the kind empowerment of women and more!

I also will be sharing similar inspiration on my new Facebook Page and if you are on Facebook I would love for you to Follow/Like me over there. I am now

Please come visit my blog and/or FB page. I'll set out lemonade and cookies for us!

Blog thank you

Much Love and Gratitude for everyone who has visited.