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Poppy cabocon dangle earrings 1a

These are the earrings I will be pulling a winner for shortly. Pretty red poppy and silver dangle earings! I do the giveaway twice a month

This past weekend I went to a small gem and mineral show a couple counties away. I've been to a big bead show but never a gem and mineral show so I was interested to visit since I don't know much about gemstones. All I really know is that gems and minerals are big stuff to rock hounds.

I find it amazing that something that starts out looking like a plain old piece of rock often contains some of Mother Nature's beauty and magic when cut and polished.

I saw a piece of  Labradorite that had been sliced and polished and it was like falling into a fantastic universe all its own.  I wish I had taken a photo. I was so interested in looking at everything and talking to vendors I forgot to pull out my phone!

I did pick up a few small pieces to create pendants with. I chose pieces that were odd shaped, no symmetry for me please!

Stones 1

The large piece is a rough-edged agate slice. And the smaller pieces are what the vendor called picture jasper. I apologize for the photos, it was a quick grab on the studio worktable late in the day and lighting was not the best for the white background so it tinged it a little blue.

Stones 2

The jasper is amazing to touch and run your fingers over, cool and soooo smooth! I loved the lavender and the stripe of pink slices of agate!

I've been listing some great Christmas gift ideas over at the Etsy store for the jewelry lovers on your list. And if you have any elephant lovers check out this unique Elephant Necklace.

Elephant pendant necklace 4

Or maybe something smaller like a pair of small faux druzy posts?

Druzy post gunmetal silver edge 1

I've got more pieces to photograph and list so I'll keep the goodies coming!

I wish all of you a happy upcoming weekend. Peace out y'all! ;)

Sweet Southern Smoochies ~ Gail xxoo


For the Jewelry Lover in You

If you've been around my blog for any time you might notice there has been some slight housekeeping and re-arranging that has gone on.

Red roses
I haven't been active on the blog for some time as I have had a lot to think about regarding how I wanted to move forward. This is just how real life plays out.  My blog has always been a little virtual extension of my studio, me and my work. So its still me, simply working on a new chapter as I continue to go forth on life's journey. 

Untitled design 

You know how sometimes there are things you don't think about or know about, or even know to think about, until you are already in the situation? Insert sigh here. If I had to write a school paper on "How I spent my 2017 Summer Vacation" it would open with this sentence: I spent the summer building a new website.

And yes that is how I spent my 2016 Summer Vacation too. Go ahead, insert another sigh here. Those "things" I didn't even know to think about. Yep those things. Reared their freaky little heads from the 2016 website.  So yes, I spent the summer building a new website. It was definitely a time eater. But it is so much nicer, rolls easier and smiles at me.


But I struggled with my blog dilemma and even more time slipped away. You see, the experts tell you to use the blog venue that comes with your store.  Then they list all the reasons why it is so good for your business and why a blog on another site is not as good for your business.

I railed and I lifted my fists to the sky! I didn't want to move to a new blog platform. I didn't want to start over in blog world. But, they're the experts, so I finally gave in and tried it. Even wrote a couple blog posts.  Hey, never let it be said I'm not willing to try.  But I h.a.t.e.d. it. I could not personalize the blog, it was cold, sterile, boringly ugly.

As a small handmade business 1300x411

I said, "to heck with experts". I have to be true to me and who I am. I've had my blog for way too many years to simply walk away. After I got done sticking out my tongue at the rules, so began the housekeeping and re-arranging I mentioned. 

Kim all floral bracelets

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If you don't know me, I create one of a kind and small batch jewelry from my home studio in TN.

I am a maker 1300x411
I  have an artistic background that after 20+ years segued into jewelry. I love to create romantic and feminine jewelry for women and all their moods and moments.

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Boho multi colored beaded earrings 2

Today I am giving away these boho beaded earrings. Giveaways usually are done the middle and end of the month. Give or take. I am a day late because I got my days turned around! :)

And that my friends is how I spent my summer vacation.

I hope yours was more fun! 

Sweet Southern Smoochies ~ Gail















Excuse my Dust!

If you see some out of whack goings-on, it's just me!

I am making a few changes on the blog and when it is done I will be back regularly!

See you on the flip side. :)

xxoo ~ Gail